Original Stonework of the Forbidden City 5 x 7 / Colored Tracy McCrackin Photography - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Original Stonework of the Forbidden City

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How many stones made their way to the Forbidden City is quite a remarkable tale. Legend has it, they were transported on slippery paths of wet ice, pushed and dragged by hundreds of thousands of workers. Such an impressive feat required not only immense strength and patience but also herculean ingenuity, as the operation had to be planned to the smallest detail in order for it to be successful.

Today, the Forbidden City stands witness to those stories of daring endeavors; a place rich in history and culture, marking not only China's imperial past but also its unparalleled dedication towards craftsmanship and engineering. However, a few years after this image was taken, in prep for the 2022 Olympics, the Chinese government tore up and replaced a lot of these original stones. Many archeologists were not pleased.

If you're looking for an eye-catching way to remember ancient Asia or its lost history, then this is the perfect image for you!  Not only does it guarantee to be a conversation starter with guests and family alike, but I will cherish it as a reminder of lost history. Get it now and add an extra dimension of excitement to your home decor!