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MASTER PHOTOGRAPHY - Your Complete Digital Photography Guide

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 You don’t have to settle for pictures that aren’t perfect. You can become a great photographer with the help of this “Master Photography” ebook. When photography became popular in the 20th century, it quickly spread worldwide. Photographers had to spend a lot of time and money on large, heavy equipment if they wanted to take and develop great photographs. It was so complicated and costly that people shied away from learning.

Today, photography has grown into a billion-dollar business. Cameras are everywhere, even on your smartphones. The digital age is here to stay. Digital cameras are praised for being easy, lightweight, affordable, and for giving unlimited pictures. Being a photographer is no longer a difficult or costly pursuit!

Before taking pictures with your digital camera, you should know a few technical things about photography. I made this 200+ page ebook as easy to read as possible and chocked full of photographs and illustrations. I am a self-taught photographer and writer. I remember when this photography terms felt like foreign jargon. I felt overwhelmed and underwater when I tried to pick up my first camera and achieve great images. It just takes practice, practice, practice. That’s the trick. You must fail to succeed, and that’s ok.

This book is great for both new and experienced photographers. You will find it filled with lots of useful tools and information. Included:

  • How to choose the best digital camera for you;
  • Understanding various camera lenses;
  • Understanding the exposure triangle;
  • Stop of light and depth of field explained;
  • How to set up your camera’s settings;
  • How to avoid camera shake;
  • How to compose an image;
  • How to pose and light people;
  • How to save your photos with the right file format;
  • How to edit your photos using imaging software and AI software;
  • What is a flash, and when to use it?
  • Which printers to buy?
  • How to Choose the Best Photo Paper;
  • Photography careers in today’s market, and so much more!

I set the Chapters up in this ebook to explain how your camera works before describing how to understand exposure. Like any artist, you need to know how your tools work before you can put paint on paper. Your camera is your paintbrush, and the world is your canvas! Please go out and explore and capture the world around you as you see it. I’m giving you the tools and rules in this ebook, but I implore you to break them when needed and create your artistic flair and style. 

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