Buddest Women Exiting the Monastery 5 x 7 / Colored Tracy McCrackin Photography Giclée - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Buddest Women Exiting the Monastery

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This "Buddest Women Exiting the Monastery" image is a great example of daily life. Tibetans dress styles differ greatly from region to region, which may be seen when traveling. The wide range of clothing styles in Tibet is mostly influenced by the climate and occupations found across the country. Even while one section of Tibet is blasted by biting cold, the other is swelteringly hot and pleasant.  Wool and tweed are the main fabrics used in the rural area of Tibetan apparel. The collar, cuffs, and even the front and bottom borders of the robe are hemmed with an exciting and occasionally sumptuous material such as silk in men's attire. Sleeveless shirts are common in the summertime, and ladies often wear robes that are big and long with a belt knotted at the waist.

Using prayer wheels is an example of Buddhist innovation. The use of this wheel enables the devout to express millions of prayers in a single moment. Praying using a prayer wheel packed with mantras (holy spells connected with certain deities) like "om mani padme hum" (the Avalokiteshvara mantra) accomplishes this. There are millions or maybe billions of copies of the mantra printed on extremely thin tissue paper. A cylinder of protection is placed over the paper as it is wound around the spindle. As microfilm technology has advanced in recent years, the ability to summon billions or perhaps trillions of prayers has become a reality. Many Tibetans turn their prayer wheels repeatedly throughout the day, often for hours at a time. For the purpose of accumulating merit, helping all creatures in the world, and purifying their karma, worshipers whirl prayer wheels (intentional actions).

It is not uncommon to see pilgrims traveling with prayer wheels in hand, or turning prayer wheels while on their trip. Every time a prayer wheel is turned, the god whose mantra is engraved therein appears in as many bodies as the mantras. It is possible to have one million mantras in a prayer wheel, and one million Manjushri emanations are released with each turn of the wheel, which goes on to help all the creatures on this planet. However, the advantage of spinning the wheel with a focused mind is considered to be one hundred thousand times larger.