Prayer Wheels In Tibet Temple 5 x 7 / Colored Tracy McCrackin Photography Giclée - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Prayer Wheels In Tibet Temple

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The "Prayer Wheels In Tibet Temple" is the best place to see in Tibet. This image is of stunning golden colored prayer wheels in Tsuk-Lha-Khang (Tibetan Main Temple). Tibetans believe the origin of the prayer wheel may be traced back to Arya Nagarjuna, a well-known Indian teacher. The Indian Buddhist gurus Tilopa and Naropa, as well as the Tibetan masters Marpa and Milarepa, are also mentioned in Tibetan writings.

Wisdom and merit (positive karma) are accumulated and purified by prayer wheels, according to the lineage writings on prayer wheels (bad karma). The Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of Buddhism have devised a wide range of upaya (skillful tools) to aid practitioners in their journey toward enlightenment. The concept of mantras spinning around the nadis and particularly around the meridian chakras, such as the heart and crown, is common in Tantric rituals. Tantric visualizations may be enhanced by using prayer wheels as a visual aid for this purpose. Those who use a prayer wheel as a means of spiritual practice follow a highly defined path (with slight variations according to different Buddhist sects). Spin the wheel counterclockwise, since the mantras are inscribed in the direction of the sun's passage across the sky.