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Tibetan Hair Jewelry

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This "Tibetan Hair Jewelry" image is an example of Tibetan jewelry.  Baguo and bazhu are two of the most common names for the traditional Tibetan women's headgear. A Buddhist box, known as "gawu," is used to adorn the women's bodies and their hair, with the gold, silver, and jade trinkets. Events like weddings and festivals provide the ideal opportunities to appreciate their distinctive sense of style and clothing, which makes for an unforgettable sight.

In times of mourning, Tibetan women wear a variety of headgear and jewels, such as a turban, to express their grief. For the first year of mourning, Tibetan girls wear green hair strings, followed by light red threads, and then red hair strings again for the second and third years. Tibetan women's headdresses come in a variety of styles depending on where you are in Tibet.

The traditional headgear worn by Tibetan ladies.  Women in Tibet are known for donning a variety of headdresses. Typically, women's earrings are formed of metals like silver and studded with a plethora of jewels. Cat's eye, red coral, and even pearls or jade may be seen on their necklaces. Amber and silver are used to make bracelets and rings. Silver and other costly metals and gems are used to craft belts, which are then gilded or set with precious stones.