St. Peter's Baldachin, Vatican City 5x7 Tracy McCrackin Photography GiclŽe - Tracy McCrackin Photography

St. Peter's Baldachin, Vatican City

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Standing tall and resplendent in the center of the Vatican's Basilica, St. Peter's Baldachin is surely one of the brightest stars in Renaissance architecture. Commissioned by Pope Urban VIII in 1623 and designed by the famous Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, this combination of sculpture and architecture was intended to mark the location of St. Peter's tomb beneath its canopy. Featuring four helical marble columns bearing a cornice that curves inward, it captures morning sunlight as it illuminates its intricate Baroque designs. Its magnificence is something that anyone can enjoy, whether they hang an image in their home, office, or cubicle - all they need to do is stand back and get lost among its wonders.