Carmel Beachy Weekender Bag Printify Bags - Tracy McCrackin Photography
Carmel Beachy Weekender Bag Printify Bags - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Beachy Weekender Bag - Carmel, California

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The ocean had always fascinated Tracy McCrackin. From a young age, its vastness and power captivated her. She’d often spend her days dreaming of one day making it to Carmel Beach, California, and experiencing what she imagined was the perfect beach.

The sun set behind the horizon, painting peaceful hues of blues and greys across the sky that reflected off each ripple. With every step closer to the shoreline, Tracy felt like taking another step towards something bigger than herself; almost like being connected with nature. A smile spread across her face as if life was suddenly more meaningful than ever before–this moment would stay with her forever no matter where life took her next!  

Tracy wanted everyone to enjoy this feeling of tranquility at home too, so she designed this item in varied sizes and colors. We need to take time to look for beauty in our everyday lives. We can find it everywhere… even inside ourselves!

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Our oversized Weekender Tote is perfect for your weekend at the beach or in town. The wide-mouthed, durable bag holds a generous amount of personal items and is easily held by its thick rope handles.

.: 100% Spun Polyester
.: T-bottom
.: Laminated lining