Children of Dickey Orphanage 5 x 7 / Colored Tracy McCrackin Photography Giclée - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Children of Dickey Orphanage

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This "Children of the Orphanage" image is a powerful reminder that children shound always be protected and loved.

Lhasa's Dickey Orphanage has a population of around 90. It was formed by a middle-aged Tibetan lady, Tamdrin Dadhon, who sold her family's teahouse and pooled all of its profits to build Dickey's Orphanage in Lhasa on September 10th, 2002, with the help of 300,000 Yuan and a lot of fortitude. "Dickey" means "fine" and "happy" in Tibetan. There are now 73 youngsters living at Dickey's. They range in age from six to nine years old. Two months old is the newest addition. All of them are provided with food, clothing, and medical care.

Everyone's birthday is celebrated on September 10th since many youngsters don't know where or when they were born. Because of sickness or accident, the parents of these children have perished. Some children were abandoned by their parents because they couldn't find a way out of their predicament or escaped to other nations. The youngsters were able to begin a fresh life in this orphanage.