Mother and Daughter Sewing Team 5 x 7 / Colored Tracy McCrackin Photography - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Mother and Daughter Sewing Team

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This “Mother and Daughter Sewing Team” can add a fun travel story and touch to your space. Sharp, thin steel needles were first produced in China by blacksmiths hundreds of years ago. These small, sturdy needles were necessary for Chinese tailors and seamstresses to make silk garments, which became more crucial as China started to export a lot of silk down the Silk Road.

English wireworkers created a machine to mass produce sewing needles in the 1600s, eliminating the need to handcraft each needle. After the spinning jenny became popular in the 1700s, people concentrated their efforts on creating sewing machines. Sewing machines were already widely used by the 1800s, both in workplaces and everyday families. But soon after, businesses started offering ready-made, professionally-made clothing instead of fabric for women to make their own clothing out of, making sewing less of a need and more of a hobby.  This photo is a sample of the seamstress lofe in modern day China now.