Tibetan Yak Wearing Earnings - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Tibetan Yak Wearing Earnings

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Tibetan yaks are the most abundant, popular and useful. Both types of yaks are found in Tibet - wild and domestic. Tibetan lives depend a great deal on the use of their yaks for domestic purpose.  Even if it's not a sacred animal, the Tibetan yak is considered to be the most important animal in Tibet.

They are totally capable of withstanding the extreme cold, due to their dense fur.  Also, they possess larger lungs and hearts to help withstand high elevations. They usually feed on dense foliage, and rice provided by their owners.  They are capable of carrying large amounts of loads for a long period of time.

The famous Yak Festival of Tibet, is a festival that occurs every year to show the importance of the yaks to the Tibetans.  In this festival, yaks are decorated with colorful clothes, colorful beads across their necks and/or colorful flags and jewelry tied along their horns. 

This "Tibetan Yak Wearing Earnings" image reveals the beauty and splendor of this Yak, and it's jewelry.  This is a young yak as it's horns are just beginning to show.  Enjoy this color print at your home or office. Your image will be printed using high-quality papers with a high color accuracy, which guarantees that your prints will last a lifetime without fading.