Tibetan Women Carrying a Jar on Her Back 5 x 7 / Colored Tracy McCrackin Photography Giclée - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Tibetan Women Carrying a Jar on Her Back

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This "Tibetan Women Carrying a Jar on Her Back" image is an example of the beautiful Lahu women in Tibet.  She is wearing traditional clothing and carrying a water jug on her back.  Lahu nationality is one of the oldest ethnic groups in China, whose language is Lahu. It belongs to the Yi branch of the Tibeto Burmese language family of the Sino Tibetan language family. It worships many gods and worships "Esha". The clothing of the Lahu nationality is beautiful, loose, and generous, which is full of national characteristics. Black clothing is a prominent feature of Lahu costumes. Most of the costumes are made of black cloth, with colorful threads and colored cloth decorated with various lace patterns, and then inlaid with white silver bubbles, so that the whole color is deep and contrast, giving people unlimited beauty. Lahu men wear collarless right cardigan top, wide trousers, and a black headscarf. Young men also need to wear a coat with a black face and white lining. Some of them wear hats, some wear hats.