Tibetan Monastery Prayer Wheel - Tracy McCrackin Photography

Tibetan Monastery Prayer Wheel

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Tibet is a place full of mystery and wonder, which is known as the “Third Pole in the World”. You can appreciate the timeless religion, people and landscapes. Its capital city is Lhasa, which is home to several of the most incredible monasteries on earth. It is really a wonderful experience to get to Lhasa to visit some famous monasteries with your sincerity and admiration. Jokhang Temple, whose name is quite popular among visitors, is one of the best monasteries in Lhasa.  

This monastery was first built in 642, which has embodied the very essence of Tibetan culture. The interior is quite dark and mysterious. However, the beautiful scene will make you surprised and amazed at the same time. However, it is a monastery that should be paid a visit to once in your lifetime. 

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